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The Fights on the Little Horn: Unveiling the Mysteries of Custer's Last Stand

 Author Gordon Harper lived around Crow Agency, Montana, where he researched sources and interviewed several descendants of warriors who participated in the fight. Unfortunately, after many years, Harper died in 2009 before completing his book. However, Gordon Richard has been able to glean what his friend had speculated from his letters and internet posting.

The goal was to relate the story of the Little Big Horn by utilizing firsthand accounts and reports as well as by examining the testimony at the 1879 Reno Court of Inquiry and the extensive notes and correspondence of battle researcher Walter M. Camp. The author was thus able to probe discrepancies in earlier material that was thus able to probe discrepancies in earlier material that was often clouded by blame and recrimination.

 Even though he sometimes relied on questionable sources, overall, he did his homework as his extensive bibliography attests. "Fight on the Little Horn" may not be for the beginner but it does provide ample food for those who hunger for the serious study of the Little Big Horn, to whom this book is recommended.

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