Meet the Owners

Putt and Jill Thompson T.

Not just business owners. Putt and Jill are collectors of beautiful Native American Art, beadwork, jewelry and so much more. They love to share their finds in their beautiful giftshop and cafe. Putt and Jill built their establishment in large part from a desire to give vacationers a better understanding of the local Indian culture. It has been successful for many years, providing employment to numerous Crow and Cheyenne Indians. The Thompsons have strong relationships within the Indian community, and this led them to encourage the cottage industries of the area. The result has been increased production of beadwork and crafts, while creating a flourishing home economy for the locals. Jill and Putt attribute their success to the shop's location adjacent to the famous Little Big Horn Battlefield, but even more so to the local Crow and Cheyenne people. Says Jill: "We wouldn't be here without their support. They work with us, and we work with them, and the relationship has encouraged."

Photo credit Donnie Sexton