Sacagawea Our Story of Eagle Woman

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The memebers of the Hidatsa and Crows have been told for years by historians that Eagle Woman/Bird Woman was not a Shoshone Indian. This published text has research with family trees and is backed up with DNA. It tells us who her true relations are and her life story. Not only did this woman NOT die in 1812 but in 1869 by the enemy at Sand Creek, Montana. It also tells that she was buried at Fort Buford, North Dakota. The following elders and tribal historians of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nations wrote the book: Dr. Gerard Baker "Yellow Wolf", Calvin Grinnell "Running Elk", Bernard (Bernie) Fox "Yellow Dog", Carol Fredericks Newman "Sweet Grass"', and Wanda Fox Sheppard "Plenty Sage". This text would be a interesting read that could rewrite history. Great gift for your bookworms.