Parfleche Bonnet Cylinder Case

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Parfleche Cylinder Bonnet Case made from authentic Parafleche and brain tanned leather fringe.
This case is hand painted Blue, Red Dirt red, and Mustard Yellow in traditional Native American Desgin.
Original Parfleche cylinder cases were used to carry and store the sacred war bonnet, with it's delicate feathers and beadwork, it would be carefully rolled to fit into the case.
Parfleche was coined by the French Fur-Traders "parer" meaning defend and "flech" meaning arrow. The hide is tough enough to be used as a war shield that deflect arrow. This durable and strong container would keep the contents dry and protected.
Measures 27 1/2'" long 8 1/2" accros opening
Native American Parfleche Cylinder Binnet Case