Nakoa HeavyRunner - Medicine Line Album | Native American Music CD

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Nakoa HeavyRunner - Medicine Line Album | Native American Music CD

Indians called the border between the United States and Canada the medicine line. During the 19th century Indian Wars the American troops respected it as if by magic. The medicine line deserves our respect for the peaceful co-existence it represents and the model it offers for the future.-Nakoa Heavyrunner

Nakoa HeavyRunner an Assiniboine/Blackfeet Comes from Ft.Belknap, Montana & Rocky Morin (Cree) comes from Whitefish Saskatchewan Canada. These Two brought together the sound of North & South and collaberated it on this album Medicine Line. The Term Medicine Line was what our ancestors used to call the Border between the U.S. & Canada. It was called that due to its seemingly magical powers of stopping the Calvary. The Calvary seemed to respect it as if by magic. HeavyRunner & Morin bring together a style of english lyrics and Cree words. Released in 2011.

1.Intro 2:54

2.Medicine Line 4:36

3.Sakihiowin 4:10

4.Wedding Crashers 4:44

5.Northern Girl 4:00

6.The Heart Stealer 3:16

7.Southern Girl 4:47

8.My Life Is Here 3:47

9.Dancing Angels 3:45

10.Ol Trusty 3:17

11.Je Hay-Lu 3:51

12.The Honoring 1:58