Dream Wolf by Paul Goble

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When two Plains Indian children become lost, they are cared for and guided safely home by a friendly wolf. "This revised edition of (the) 1972 picture book, The Friendly Wolf, looks and reads better than the original". -- Booklist

Lost and afraid, two young children seek shelter in a wolf's cave. There they meet a kindly wolf who leads them home. Based on a Plains Indian legend, this exceptional picture book demonstrates the love and respect the Plains Indians have for the wolf and the natural world. It is a tribute to the Plains Indian culture

Lost in the hills with night approaching, Tiblo and his little sister Tanksi, take shelter in a cave, a wolf watches over them.

Seemingly in a dream, a wolf keeps them warm during the cold night and then the next morning leads them back home.

For his kindness everyone gives the wolf gifts, and ever since "there has been a close kinship with the Wolf People."

Goble's straightforward text evokes rich emotions: showing how and why Plains Indians revered the wolf, the story becomes a heartfelt plea for the preservation of wild wolves.

Dream Wolf by Paul Goble