Crow Indian, Beaded Cradleboard, Native Tanned Hide, Native American

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This Cradleboard is a treasue! Made in the Traditional Crow way, it is made from Native Tanned Hide and Canvas.  It is beaded in Traditional Crow colors of blues, greasy yellows and crow pink, done in Native Geometrical designs. This Cradleboard was made by Joyce Moccasin, one of our finest beaders on the Crow Reservation!

This is a large Cradleboard measures 40" by 12" at the top. There is 5.5" fringe at the bottom and 7" fringe on the top.

The front is secured with three 6" beaded bands and leather ties.

Traditionally used to carry children on the mothers back, cradleboards were the functional option for mothers, yet they also represent the immense love mothers have for their children. Made of wood and adorned with hide, fringes, beads, each cradleboard carries culture and passion of Native American culture.

Our Cradleboards are prized possesions because they are so beautiful and full of Crow heritage and culture and tradition. Most cradleboards these days are made just for family because of the work involved in the creation of one. Few are made for sale and therefore we treasure the ones that have been made for us by the artists here on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

We do lend our Cradleboards out during Crow Fair to be used in the Parades and therefore this one does have stain on the back from the horse sweat, which adds to the authenticity of this Cradleboard!

Crow Indian, Beaded Cradleboard, Native Tanned Hide,  Native American