Witness By Josephine Waggoner

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Josephine Waggoner A Native American Author was the daughter of Italewin (Wind Women) who was a gun runner. A young girl was educated back east at Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia. As a skilled writer, Josephine set out to record the lifeways of her people and correct much of the misinformation about them spread by white writers, journalists and scholars of the day.. She traveled and interviewed Chiefs, elders, traditional tribal historians, and other tribal members, including women. Witness offers a rare participant's perspective on nineteenth- and early Lakota Dakota life.
New evidence is provided by this book on the Custer Tragedy from participants in the Indian War.
Hardcover Black with Dust Jacketr, 745 pages
Published 2013 English
Book Dimension 11 1/4' x 7 1/2" x 2 1/2"
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Witness; Lakota, Dakota, Native American Tribal Stories, Josephine Waggoner, Indian Author, Inadian War, Custer Traggedy, Boarding School