Plenty-coups: Chief of the Crows (Second Edition) (Bison Book) Paperback

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Plenty-coups: Chief of the Crows (Second Edition) (Bison Book) Paperback

by Frank B. Linderman (Author) , Barney Old Coyote Jr. (Introduction) , Phenocia Bauerle (Introduction) , Timothy P. McCleary (Afterword)

In his old age, Plenty-coups (1848–1932), the last hereditary chief of the Crow Indians, told the moving story of his life to Frank B. Linderman, the well-known western writer who had befriended him. Plenty-coups is a classic account of the nomadic, spiritual, and warring life of Plains Indians before they were forced onto reservations. Plenty-coups tells of the great triumphs and struggles of his own life: his powerful medicine dreams, marriage, raiding and counting coups against the Lakotas, fighting alongside the U.S. Army, and the death of General Custer.

This new edition allows readers to appreciate more fully the accomplishments and rich legacy of Plenty-coups. A previously unpublished essay by Linderman tells of his meeting and working with the chief. An introduction by Phenocia Bauerle and Barney Old Coyote Jr., both members of the Crow Nation, speaks to the enduring importance of Plenty-coups for the Crow people in the twenty-first century; an afterword by Timothy P. McCleary, also of the Crow Nation, highlights the pivotal role Plenty-coups played during the early reservation years after the buffalo had gone; an essay by Celeste River examines the special relationship between the old chief and Linderman; a map of Plenty-coups's world highlights places named in the story; a glossary of Crow words and concepts found in the story draws upon the latest orthographic standards and contemporary translation; and a photo gallery showcases both Plenty-coups at different stages of his life and unforgettable scenes of his world.

Series: Bison Book

Paperback: 204 pages

Publisher: Bison Books (November 1, 2002)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0803280181

ISBN-13: 978-0803280182

Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 5.2 x 7.9 inches

Plenty-coups: Chief of the Crows (Second Edition) (Bison Book) Paperback