THE INDIAN TIPI Reginald & Gladys Laubin

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The Indian Tipi: It's History, Construction and Use (Second Edition) ~ As The Indian Tipi makes obvious, Plains Indians are both practical people and natural artists. Their inventions are commonly both serviceable and beautiful. The conical tipi of the Plains tribes can be pitched by one person. It is roomy, well ventilated at all times, cool in summer, well lighted, proof against high winds and heavy downpours, and, with its cheerful fire inside, snug in the severest winter weather. Author: Reginald & Gladys Laubin (with a History of the Tipi by Stanley Vestal). 343 pages w/ 16 pages of color illustrations, Soft-Cover. *Winner of the Colorado Connoisseur Award*

THE INDIAN TIPI  Reginald & Gladys Laubin