Pendleton's Coyote Steals Fire Crib Blanket

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Color: COYO
Size: 32X44
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Coyote Steals Fire Crib Blanket

This warm, cozy baby blanket depicts the Native American legend of how man came to have fire. Long ago, Coyote worried about how the people suffered in winter. Coyote journeyed to the tall mountain where the Fire Beings lived. He watched day and night, learning their ways and weaknesses. Early one morning when a sleepy Fire Being was coming to stand watch, Coyote snatched Fire and ran. The Fire Beings gave chase. One caught the tip of his tail, which turned white and has remained so ever since. Coyote tossed Fire to Squirrel, and the heat caused her tail to bend upward, where it remains to this day. Squirrel tossed Fire to Frog. A Fire Being grabbed Frog's tail, but he tore free, leaving it behind forever. Frog tossed Fire to Wood, and Wood swallowed up Fire. The Fire Beings tried to bring Fire from Wood. They sang songs and offered gifts. They made threats and tore at Wood with knives. Defeated, they returned to their mountain. Coyote alone knew the trick of bringing Fire from Wood. He went to the People and showed them how to use a sharpened stick in a small hole to bring Fire to their hearths and homes. Just crib size, but so warm it will be taken wherever the little muchacho or muchacha goes. Made of Pendleton's softest wool. A treasured baby gift when customized with embroidery.

·         32" x 44"

·         Napped, felt-bound

·         82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton

·         Dry clean

·         Made in the USA

Pendleton's Coyote Steals Fire Crib Blanket