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Tipis, Teepees, Tepees! (Child's Tipi with out poles)

Tipis, Teepees, Tepees! (Child's Tipi with out poles)Tipis, Teepees, Tepees! (Child's Tipi with out poles)
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Tipis, Teepees, Tepees! (Child's Tipi with out poles)

We are proud to offer authentic Tepees!

The Montana Indian culture is rich by the presence of seven reservations in our state, as well as by an annual international Crow fair in our area. The tipi designs are derived from their cultures. We have been providing tipis to our local tribes for over 22 years. The tepees are fun to pitch and provide plenty of room. The Crow Indian Tipi is our standard design. We also have a few Sioux, Cheyenne, and Blackfoot Tepees (Please call to order)! Please specify if you would prefer the traditional "A" shape door opening which is standard on the Crow Tipi. An oval shaped door opening is available at no additional charge for those that specify it.

The Backyard Tipi is both fun and functional.  Children love it as a playhouse.  Great for kids backyard sleepovers.  Lightweight, packable, and easy to set up.  The Backyard Tipi is perfect for scout or church camps, day care senters and youth activity clubs.  The tipi is assembled with double stitching and all areas of stress are reinforced.  The door has an adjustable opening for easy entry.  All Backyard Tipis can be painted with Latex or Acrylic Paint.  This is a great way for children to make it their own.

The Backyard Tipi is Made in Montana.

Packages can include the following:

Pegs & Pins Tipi Liner Door Cover Painted Door Cover Set of Poles Backrest Willow Chairs Willow Beds Rawhide parfleches Beaded Tepee Bags

You will have to call for shipping price on package deals.


1. Do I need a tipi liner? A tipi liner is a great addition to your tipi if you use it in colder weather for extra insulation. It also prevents shadowing on the outside when you have a fire. More importantly it is necessary for a good draft when you have a fire inside.

2. Is my tipi going to be waterproof? You do have the option to close your tipi flaps at the top. In a torrential downpour you will have water trickling down the poles.

3. Does my tipi come with a floor? When your tipi is set up each time it will have a slightly different shape around the floor. We do carry heavy rubber moisture shield floors. 4. Is my tipi bug proof? You will have air spaces on along the bottom and around where you stake it in. Also around the smoke flaps. You could try putting mesh on the bottom but bugs are going to get in. A tipi liner will help keep many bugs out.

5. Which forms of payment do you accept? We happily accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, cashiers checks, and personal checks (with 7-10 days approval).

6. How do I clean my Tipi? Mildew and dirt will break down your tipi over time. If you keep it clean and free from mildew you will have a long life of use from your tipi. Use a mild detergent such as Ivory or Dove dishwashing soap. Make sure you rinse off the soap really good. Dry it completely before you put it away.

Need to know how to put up a Tipi? Take a look at the following books in the book section of our website:

The Indian Tipi by Reginald & Gladys Laubin

The Tipi, Traditional Native American Shelter by Adolf Hungrywolf

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