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Sitting Bull His Life and Legacy by Ernie Lapointe (Great Grandson of Sitting Bull)

Never before has the story of Sitting Bull been written and published by a lineal descendant. In Sitting Bull: His Life and Legacy, Ernie LaPointe, a great-grandson of the famous Hunkpapa Lakota chief, presents the family tales and memories told to him about his great-grandfather. LaPointe not only recounts the rich oral history of his family-the stories of Sitting Bull's childhood, his reputation as a fierce warrior, his growth into a sage and devoted leader of his people, and the betrayal that led to his murder-but also explains what it means to be Lakota in the time of Sitting Bull and now.In many ways the oral history differs from what has become the standard and widely accepted biography of Sitting Bull. LaPointe explains the discrepancies, how they occurred, and why he wants to tell his story of Tatanka Iyotake. This book is powerful. It is a story of Native American history, told by a Native American, for all people to better understand a culture, a leader, and a man.
ERNIE LAPOINTE, a great-grandson of Sitting Bull, was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He is a Sun Dancer who lives the traditional way of the Lakota and follows the rules of the sacred pipe. LaPointe and his wife, Sonja, live in South Dakota.
Sitting Bull: His Life and Legacy Pub. Date: 9/1/2009 Publisher: Smith, Gibbs Publisher

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