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Prep with Pre-Shave Oil! The goal during prep is to soften whiskers so shaving is easier and causes less irritation. Shave after getting out of the shower. If you haven?t showered, at least wet shave area with some hot water. Next apply several drops of our Pre-shave Oil to the shave area. It creates a layer over the skin to protect from the repeated contact of the razor on your skin. This will help prevent skin rashes, bumps, and razor burn. It also softens stubborn hairs so that shaving will be easier than ever before. The added benefit is it protects your razor. Whether you shave with an electric razor, or a straight razor, you will notice that you are getting more shaves out of a single blade.

Our Pre-Shave Oil is made from a special blend of amazing oils such as cold pressed organic safflower, organic castor, and grapeseed oil that will provide a consistently smooth shave, improving your shave experience. Safflower oil was used by Egyptians to heal wounds, has moisturizing qualities, and helps reduce skin irritations. Castor oil contains triglyceride fatty acids that are well known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties. Grapeseed oil contains potent antioxidants and creates a satin like shield to protect and lubricate skin. Because each of these precious oils has unique characteristics they may separate or appear cloudy after sitting undisturbed. This is completely natural for cold processed oils. Just shake bottle before each use to prevent this.

Ingredients: Organic safflower oil, organic castor oil, and grapeseed oil.

Size: 2 fluid ounces (60 ml)

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