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Randy Wood - The Gift of Life - Music CD

Randy Wood - The Gift of Life - Music CDRandy Wood - The Gift of Life - Music CD
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Randy Wood - The Gift of Life - Music CD

Grammy-nominated singer Randy Wood draws upon the wit of the Round Dance and the wisdom of his Cree culture to create a set of songs celebrating the diverse rhythms of Native life.

A founding member of the respected Northern Cree Singers, Randy Wood's beautiful round dance singing is known throughout Native North America and earned him a Grammy nomination in 2003. A popular Native American social dance, the Round Dance is a dance for couples and an occasion for men and women to meet and court one another. Randy's intimate and soothing vocals, the pulse of his drumming and his innovative songs give the listener a taste of the Round Dance Blues.


1. The Gift of Life (5:48)

2. Listen to the Children (3:19)

3. The Rumble (4:22)

4. Blue Sky (6:11)

5. I Guess They Were Right (3:22)

6. Wounded Knee (3:44)

7. Ever Since I Met You (4:25)

8. The Ditching Song (4:24)

9. My Old Pal (4:09)

10. Little Drummer Boy (4:41)

11. The Wolfrunner (3:48)

12. Extra Tire (2:48)

13. When We Were Young (3:49)

14. Geronimo (3:17)

15. Cree Honor Song (4:58)

Total Time: 63:56

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